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What do you do when your best isn't good enough?

Lady Marion of Glastonbury is going to have to figure that out, and fast. Removed from her position of power and thrust into an unwanted arranged marriage, she finds herself careening through Sherwood Forest toward the troubled town of Nottingham.

Released from the confines of her previous life, who will Marion become?  A freedom fighter? A knight-at-arms? A reluctant spy?  Will she help create peace in Nottingham or hasten the coming confrontation between the strict Sheriff and the rebel Robin Hood?

And will a woman who resisted marriage end up finding love where she least expects it?

Find out when you're... Made Marion.

The tales of Robin Hood have inspired generations of authors and filmmakers.  Now it's time for an otome spin on the legends!  Play as Lady Marion, a proud and courageous young noblewoman whose mistakes land her in an arranged marriage far from home. Discover a magical alternate world where the Robin Hood story co-exists with powerful druids, mysterious fae folk, and dark conspiracies. Enjoy a more traditional, swashbuckling adventure with Robin Hood and his gang or try something new as a spy amidst the political turmoil of Nottingham.

Our Hero

Lady Marion of Dunstable is a proud, opinionated (some might say "mouthy") young noblewoman. Thrust into an unexpected adventure, she'll need to decide how to react to the colorful characters she meets. Make role-playing choices for two different kinds of romantic adventures with each love interest!

The Love Interests

Made Marion features seven love interests, three among Robin's band in Sherwood and four found in Nottingham.  In the full game, you'll make an important choice at the end of the prologue that will lead you to either the Sherwood branch or the Nottingham branch of the game. In our demo, you'll be given the choice directly and taken to either the Sherwood or Nottingham common route.

Sherwood LIs:

Robin Hood: Master archer, charming devil, and leader of the Sherwood rebels.
Will, the Scarlet Blade: Master swordsman, daredevil, and resentful youth.
Little John: A gentle giant of a man with inhuman strength.

Nottingham LIs:

Meissa: A kindhearted fortune-teller from an enemy land.
Lord Geoffrey: The infamous Sheriff of Nottingham himself.
Gui la Londe: An idealistic chevalier in Lord Geoffrey's court.
Alanna Dale: A cheerful bard with a fistful of secrets.

Full Demo Available!

Made Marion's full demo is now available!  Meet all the game's love interests by choosing between the Sherwood and Nottingham paths at the beginning of the demo.  Sherwood has been updated with new backgrounds (two old BGs remain and will be updated shortly) and improved sprites, while Nottingham is entirely new.

Support Made Marion!

Our Kickstarter is scheduled for mid-February, 2021.  Come on over to our Kickstarter page and register your interest in the project! This will help connect us to marketing resources and you'll be notified when the Kickstarter goes live.


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Development log


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(1 edit)

Hey, I'm back as I said I'll do after playing the Sherwood demo. Took a bit longer than I thought since I was busy - well, if I knew it was shorter I would have played before haha - but oh well.

Only played through it once so far, but that's fine.

So... yeah... well...

I like it less than the Nottingham path, that much is obvious... but.. oh... my... god... Like... I fell utterly in love with Layton. So much that it was hard to even LOOK at anyone else once he appeared. He shouldn't even BE my type to begin with! I'm kind of agonizing that he's not a LI and at the same time praying that he'll actually be, considering his dialogue / scene, and the fact there's an uneven amount of romances for the paths, so far.

And yes, I only played once with no reloading and had his night scene. I feel like I actually SENSED I had to pick the option to spend some time alone, because I didn't even hesitate for a moment. And considering I was interested in Will, by all means I should have gone with his scene...

I have a hard time dealing with my trepidation right now... I'm kind of... baffled... like... I didn't expect that... UGH - it's hard to make an actual review of the route rigth now... 

I can't say if I like him even more than Geoffrey, but clearly just as much.

How comes I hate (and really HATE) beards, and here I am, gushing about the two only bearded characters in your game...

Anyway so... Trying to concentrate...

First of, I'm SO GLAD for the premature ending that allows Marion to decide she'll agree to Robin's offer and go back home. You see, the Sherwood path made me a bit mad because of how it starts. While in theory I DO think it's clever that the Nottingham path actually starts with refusing to submit to the mariage, and the Sherwood path starts with agreeing, in practice I was bothered by it on Sherwood path. Made me really angry at Robin & co that they kidnapped Marion and forced her to change her plans, when she ended up gathering the strenght to actually accept. I guess it's a weird way to think about it, but oh well... I found myself wishing for a way to somehow escape and go onto the Nottingham route from there (with circumstances that would make it impossible to reappear officially or something) - or even for another early ending where Marion would go there and go on with the mariage, though it would be less interesting. It was basically a "I'm willing to do anything to cross these jerks" kind of thinking! And no, I don't hate any of them (well, I guess I dislike Robin, but I don't hate him and he doesn't creep me out like Gui either). It's mere retaliation, let's say it that way haha!

So yeah, basically, while I like this path less, I'm now officially obsessed with a character that is - as far as I know - unromanceable, and that makes me feel very conflicted. I didn't expect that to be my conclusion for this path!

(1 edit)

I've got good news and bad news for you!

The good news is that Layton will be one of two love interests in the post release DLC, Made Marion: Light and Shadow (the other has not yet been revealed).

The bad news is that you might not like him quite as much about five minutes after the end of the Sherwood demo.

And if it helps, Marion and Geoffrey's marriage would not have gone well if she'd made it to Nottingham on the Sherwood route. They need the events of the Nottingham Route in order to be compatible.

(2 edits)

I have a good intuition about characters I like or not, actually. The way Layton is right now, I shouldn't like him, and yet I am crazily attracted. So I'm assuming it'll be the way he'll evolve or truly is more than the way he is now (or well, what he showed to Marion, rather). I'm 99% certain I'll only love him more in the future haha!

And yeah, I assumed the mariage wouldn't have gone well as it is. As I said, I only wished for such an ending in opposition to the "kidnappers" rather than because I tought it would be good!

But yeah, I'm very happy with the news then! Thank you for being kind enough and revealing it to me!


I've played the first chapters in each half of the demo and now I'm forcing myself to stop so I can experience the rest in the finished game. I've been following this project for a while on Tumblr and it was already my most anticipated upcoming visual novel, but now I'm doubly excited for it. The setting is so rich, the characters are so distinctive (Meissa and Geoffrey have each stolen half my heart already), the writing is so fluid, and the art is some of the best I've seen in a VN. I'm looking forward to your Kickstarter, and my fingers are crossed that it will be a smashing success!


Thanks so much!


I completed the demo, and thought to offer the thoughts of a future customer, as I definitely appreciate Indie Otome and support appropriately.

1. Why would an Agendered person assume the gender of Marion? They should similarly ask for Marion's pronouns as well if we're going through the trouble of having the conversation.

2. It takes me out of the role of the character for MC to be automatically written as attracted to all the love interests. If I the player are not attracted to certain characters, why isn’t the couple of lines  about attraction a quick choice?

3. I really object to the over familiarity. Non consensual touching is a big dislike of mine. A stranger playing with my hair makes me feel like an object, and kissing hands in greeting or goodbye is almost appropriate but kissing it in the middle is just kinda weird.

4. The dancing transitions should slide more slowly. It’s meant to mimic a dance and I felt more “jerked around" than fluidic dancing and maybe going more slowly would help.

5. Not a fan of the greensleeves voice work but music is super subjective.

6. Writing wise, I have no idea why Marion would tell someone right off the bat about their situation. What was the point of the disguise if you tell someone you're wearing a mask within days of donning it?

Anyway, as much as I just complained, it's in my follow list and it'll be a buy when it comes out. I'll probably just ignore the stuff I don't like like I always do, but I hope my comments help anyway.


Thanks for the feedback!  There are narrative reasons for a few of the things you're wondering about, so they'll become more clear once you get into the characters' routes.

Marion is not meant to be a 100% self-insert character. She's more like a pre-created character that you're able to role-play through in-game choices to a certain extent. She is canon bi/pansexual, for example, and though that doesn't play much of a role in the routes in which she romances men, it's still who she is.

I wanted to write a story with a protagonist who has a strongly-expressed personality and a clear background. Because of this, she will have interests and preferences that differ from the player's. This is true of every visual novel, even the ones that actively encourage self-insert characters.  It's impossible to write a narrative that works for the preferences of every player, so the best I can do is try to be true to Marion and her story.

The dancing transitions are definitely something I'm still working on, as I'll be working with another coder who is more skilled at Ren'py animations than I am during full development.

excellent. Thank you for taking what I said as only helpful comments, I've given feedback before and the response was really mean so I appreciate that you were quite kind to me while standing in for your integrity of art. 


Just finished playing the Nottingham demo a second time. I am so, so excited about this project.

There are certain LIs I knew I'd be into—and I very much still am—but Meissa completely and unexpectedly stole my heart. I assumed they'd be a bit of a cinnamon roll, which isn't my usual type in otome games. While they're clearly adorable, they're so nicely balanced with some sexy mischievousness. I love them a lot.

Every character seems to have so many hidden sides and I can't wait to learn more of their stories. I find myself wondering which ones I can trust (even Meissa)! I admit I find Gui... disturbing. He gives me unromanceable-but-hot villain vibes. I'm unnerved yet intrigued.

Looking forward to continuing to watch development!


Okay, yeah, I was right about the good feeling I had about the Sheriff - oh man! I cannot wait to romance Geoffrey - his route seems the most intriguing so far. In fact, the Nottingham route in general is very interesting. Great demo! :D

Not gonna lie though, at first I was a bit turned off by Marion's 'changing appearance' thing, despite it making perfect sense and adding lots of drama and opportunity to the game. That initial feeling was mainly due to the implications of the guys falling for a Marion that isn't 'fully' Marion, and not knowing it, but hopefully Geoffrey and Gui will discover the true Marion -- at least in their respective paths -- with a nice chunk of 1-on-1 time to spend with that version of her before the end of the game.

My favorite LIs remain Geoffrey and John. Tall, dark, handsome and protective. But, now I can fully say, I will be playing every one of those paths. ;)

Looking forward to the Kickstarter! :)


Don't worry, I'm quite aware of the issues around Marion's altered appearance. It'll all come out quite nicely in the wash (and is only an active issue in Geoffrey and Gui's route).


I’m so interested in this game! The art is gorgeous, the story is intriguing, and I’m really loving the chatacters! And while I like the Sherwood side,  the Nottingham side has stolen my heart completely lol. The fact that Meissa is my favorite love interest so far certainly contributes to that haha; they’re so my type personality-wise and looks-wise. I love them sm already.  I’m definitely planning on being a backer 💖


Aww, I love when people enjoy Meissa.


Well, that's an interesting game in the making!

I just did my first run of the demo - Nottingham route, and I can only say I'm hooked.

The character art should not be my style, but somehow it works and I really like it, and I love the backgrounds. Music choices are very nice too. One of the most notable qualities, aesthetically speaking, is the GUI though. A good UI adds a lot to the general ambience of a game, and it's important not to neglect it. And well, it IS gorgeous. 

It was clever to skip the prologue in the demo - not only it leaves a bit of mystery about the general situation, but it also allows the players to check out the meat of the story without being too lost or getting heavily spoiled.  It has also a very decent lenght for a demo, honestly! Especially considering it has two routes.

Also, it's always a pleasure when you can encounter sudden (and narrated) game overs even so early on! I'm a sucker for that!

I can't say anything about the Sherwood route for now, obviously (I'll comment later about it - probably tomorrow since I'm not going to play it now), but I'll share my thoughts about the Nottingham one.

Well, what can I say - you used one of my favorite tropes in fiction, so it was hard to resist. That trope being a protagonist that escapes (or at least loathes) an arranged marriage and then still finds themself "stuck" with said fiancé/e and ends up falling genuinely in love with them. Not only that, but I always wished for a Robin Hood inspired game that would allow the player to romance the Sheriff. The fact it's both at the same time (and that the trope is about the right character) is almost uncanny, but it makes me so happy. Though, because of that, it IS likely I'll only ever play Geoffrey's route - at least on the Nottingham path - I may still play the Sherwood one for Will, as I love the character in the legend, and he seems to be my type in your game too. It's not much of an issue though - I regularly play romance game and only do one of the routes.

That being said, I liked most characters that appeared on this path (not a huge fan of Gui so far). Marion herself is charming and witty, Alanna is fascinating (even if I'm not interested in romancing female characters), Meissa is an unexpected cutie and well Geoffrey himself is everything I love and more. 

The world seems interesting too, and I'm eager to learn more about it. Though, again, I have that uncanny thought that our minds are connected, because of Nibiru and the cat-like features of it's inhabitants, considering in one of my own works I have a cat character whose name is Nibiru.

I don't think I can say much more, so far - and it was already long! Not to mention I'll be back for the other path.


Wow, what lovely compliments from a fellow writer, thank you!  I hope I can tempt you to read beyond Geoffrey's route, because every route reveals a bit more about what's going on in Sherwood/Nottingham... and Alanna's is particularly unique so I'm hoping it'll be compelling even to readers who aren't romantically interested in women (you can always use the explicit text filter to skip the sexy bits).  But hey, even if not, I won't fault anyone for succumbing to the siren song of the Sheriff. 

(1 edit) (+1)

You're welcome!

Sadly, routes for female characters are really not my thing. In rare occasions, I CAN play games where you romance girls or a girl's route in a game with mixed romances, but only when the protagonist is male - I really don't like GxG content, basically. I don't mind that much not discovering every secret of a game, and playing a route I really don't want to play easily dampens my entire experience of a game - to the point that if it's needed for an unlock I simply check out the "correct" answers in a walkthrough and skip the entire thing. So yeah, not worth it.

Skipping explicit content won't change anything. I don't like any form of censorship, so playing the "soft" version would be more irritating than anything else, to be honest. It's the fact that GxG romances (some veeeeeery rare exceptions aside) aren't compelling to me from a romantic point of view. Alanna and Marion simply don't have the type of personalities I can like in a GxG couple.

As for the guys and Meissa, I guess I'll see. As I said, I will probably play Will's route in addition to Geoffrey's, if nothing more, so I can experience the Sherwood path too. Some games compell me to play all or at least most of the routes, while in others I stick to a single one - it's too early for me to say which one it'll be in this case. Basically, if I like too much the first route I play, or if I find it too perfect, and mostly if said romance was really a lifesaver for the love interest (be it literally or on an emotional level), then I simply feel too guilty to play other routes. Weird, I know. In this case I'll probably be able to see the two paths as alternative realities happening at the same time, but I don't know if I'll be able to do more than one route on a single path.


Love the demo!! I especially loved the line "Why did I keep meeting beautiful people in these ridiculous circumstances?". Can't wait for the full release!


Oooh, the new screenshots look great! Just a question, do we get to customize Marion at the start or something? I just assumed because she looks different in the Nottingham part, and has a different hair color (or is the blond in the screenshots not her?).
In any case, still adoring the character art, and the new backgrounds are superb. My most anticipated characters are still John and dark and sexy Geoffrey. So looking forward to this game, and the next demo! Gimme Gimme! :D


We don't have customization for Marion, and the blonde is a big reason why we don't.  You'll see when you play the demo... going live tomorrow! :D

(1 edit)

I still think this game is gorgeous and well done. I am still slightly bothered by Robin's character joking with her when he should realize why she is afraid of them. But I assume it's within Robin's character to joke and within Will's not to care. I would be terrified and not nearly as witty if a group of guys stopped my car and tried to ride off with me saying "no worries you'll be fine lol calm down".... I still love what all it has going for it though.


Robin's refusal to take things too seriously and the giant chip on Will's shoulder are indeed meant to be character flaws. You'll get to know them both more in-depth in the full game.  Also, Marion lives in a much more dangerous world than we do and has dealt with bandits regularly over the last few years.  So she's better at keeping her head in this situation than you or I, though she's still pretty scared.

That makes sense. I'm sure it will become more apparent as her background and things come to light. I guess in the 1938 Robin Hood with Errol Flynn he (Robin) does initially kidnap her and her party and joke with them before telling her what he's all about.


I downloaded one of the earlier demos and didn't realize there was a new one, my god the backgrounds are gorgeous!! I may come back with a real review of the new demo but this is a treat!


The new demo isn't out yet, but will be soon!  The new backgrounds in the featured screenshots will indeed be there.


Oh whoops haha thanks for letting me know! I'm excited for the new demo :^)


I'm very excited for the full release! John is my fav so far. The art is beautiful, and they look like adults which I love. The writing is well done,  and I feel like the characters all have dimension. I greatly enjoy the personality given to the MC. Thank you!


Hey! Definitely a good start! Gorgeous art, handsome men, promising story. The MC is so far a good balance of vulnerable feminity and some backbone and skill. If the plot further down the line has some depth to it, the game will be truly awesome!


My goodness this was truly a treat and then some, somebody raided the cabinets of sweets and stuffed them all into this game haha Robins looking really good in this game not gonna lie


Thank you!


Man, I usually avoid demos, because I'm too impatient, but this one caught my attention. I'm so excited for this game, I think about it literelly every day, the characters? the art? the story? the time period? the sountrack? just *chef's kiss* exquisite

can't wait to see more!!


Thank you so much!  We're working hard to get the Nottingham demo done so we can get ourselves crowdfunded and pump out the full game!

(1 edit) (+8)

I come back ever week or so to see if any update has been posted for this game. I am soooo excited you have no idea. Like, not to put pressure on you guys, but my hype is unreal. I haven't been this excited for a full VN in... years. So thank you for reigniting my interest in this genre of game. I appreciate the clear craft, love, and passion that is put into this visual novel. And that is the main reason why I'm obsessed. Because it feels like ya'll actually care about your work. <3

Edit: Oh, also Will is my babe. (Tuck is, too, but I have to wait a little longer before I start simping there x'D)


Aww, thanks!  We'll be saving itch.io updates for major release news, so if you'd like to read more, check out our Tumblr.  I've been getting a ton of asks since the demo came out so you can read plenty of things, both serious and silly, about the Made Marion characters.

We also have a Patreon that posts development sneak peeks at least once a week.

Thanks so much for your hype and support! Will may not show it at first, but he appreciates your support too.  ;)


Man, normally when playing a demo or VN i have a pretty clear hint on who I'm going to like most, and I don't really know this time.

(okay thats a lie I obviously love Tuck the most but since he doesn't count atm i'm going to pretend i'm unbiased)

I thought I was going to dislike Will,  despite his beautiful design, but damnit the cheeky mf pretending not to know how to dance, I'm not sure why it was so cute to me.

John is just such a sweetheart, and I love that all the guys so far have a little mischievous streak, it makes their personalities seem more rounded. He's probably the character I most love aesthetically, but I just don't have a favorite yet ;~; 

Robin I thought was going to be kind of a standard prince character, but he's ALSO a cheeky mf lol I think he's so endearing, I can't wait to follow the development a little more and meet the other characters. Sorry if this was a little too wordy, I'm super excited /o/

Happy to be able to subvert your expectations a bit!  :D

(1 edit) (+2)

Played the demo a few times now and man, is it a joy. It already feels very romantic.

I love Marion's inner voice and I'm very excited to experience the world's events through her eyes. Her clever wit and sense of humour is fun and it's believable that others would fall for her.

I always like to see strong female characters who aren't written as though their emotions signal weakness (see the first scene she has alone with John near the river). Humanity does not belie badassery.

Each LI seems very distinctive so far. I had a hard time picking a favourite. Looking forward to uncovering the hidden depths of the characters as the game progresses. I expect each will be quite nuanced.

Art is beautiful. The style is lovely and clean and the character design is little more mature than other otome games I've played, particularly Eastern ones. It's a welcome change. My favourite aspect is the wonderful facial expressions. I found myself scrolling back to check out the looks on each character's face throughout different scenes! The artist did an amazing job.

Music choices are good and set the tone well.

Good luck with the rest of development! I can't wait to meet the Nottingham LIs. Particularly excited for Lord Geoffrey.

PS I've been following your Tumblr as well and your references are on point.


Thank you so much!  I'm glad you're enjoying it.

(1 edit) (+2)

marion is so pretty, i honestly spent more time staring at her sprite than the LIs

(2 edits)

Beautiful art (even more beautiful LIs and honestly? i just turned gay for the MC), interesting demo, perfect soundtrack that fits perfectly with the situation and scenario, and i'm super pumped for the full complete game! Which begs the question of when will the full completed game be out? Or if you have any estimates of when will that be?

Edit: idk why but Layton Tuck has been stuck on my mind for some unknown reason *cough* definitely not because of his devilishly handsome smirk *cough*, is there a possibility of him being..... oh idk.... a secret RO in the future? 👀👀👀👀


Our crowdfunding campaign is tentatively scheduled for October, when our second demo is coming out. We'll have a better estimate of the final completion date at that time.

Layton Tuck will be a love interest in the game's DLC, which has a bit of a different structure from the main campaign and features two routes (Tuck and a yet-unannounced character) that are intertwined. The DLC will be a bit darker than the main game and is fully adults-only, because the story simply won't work with the explicit text filter.


Oh my goodness! I remember a dev for this game talking on the otome reddit about it a couple years back, I loved the idea. Glad to see it's come to fruition with such lovely art! I had fun with the demo, looking forward to the full thing!


Hi, that was me!  The otome reddit has been a great community of support for me as a dev, so thanks for being part of that!


this was such a fun demo now im super hyped for the full game my only issue is that marion herself is so pretty i wish i could date her too! but in all seriousness this demo is so polished the art is gorgeous and i cant wait to see more.


Really enjoyed the demo and wish you best of luck on this project!




I can't wait for more, the demo was amazing!

Thank you!

Hi! I'm curious about this line: "Make role-playing choices for two different kinds of romantic adventures with each love interest!" What does it mean the 'two different kinds' exactly? I'm intrigued! 

I'll download the demo right now <3 


Hi!  In the final game every love interest's route has two possible good endings. How your romance progresses and which ending you receive depends on role-playing choices you make throughout the route.

For instance, Will Scarlet is a daredevil. If you pick his route, you have to decide if you enjoy jumping into the danger zone with him or if you prefer to be a more strategic decision-maker. This will affect how your relationship develops and the challenges that the two of you will face as a couple, leading to different kinds of endings. Hope that helps!


That seems like an amazing twist in traditional routes' endings! I love it! Btw I played the demo and so far Will is my favorite, so that example was perfect haha


Simply love it! Can't wait for the full version (and dlc).

Hoping this project would be a smooth sailing for you ^^

Holy heck this is a pretty game <3  I went in fully wanting Will, but damnit I ended up really, really falling for John.  Robin...nah, I'm good with John and Will :D  The art is absolutely gorgeous - seriously, I want to romance Marion.  I do wish we had been able to *see* Marion's skill, not just be told about it - or at least, she had had a bit more success in causing trouble for the guys.  I ended up not being impressed (bit like a child telling you they are awesome), that may be intent and part of content (Marion growing in her skills), but I did get left with a bit of second-hand embarrassment for her, lol.

(2 edits) (+2)

Thank you!  As the writer/programmer, I am so very happy to be working with our amazing artists. 

It's true, there wasn't much chance to see Marion at her best in this demo.  In the full game, you'll be able to see her in her element during the prologue (which comes before the section of this game in the demo), and the demo leaves us with her just about to show off to the Sherwood boys.  It's not Marion's fault she couldn't do much to them... one is a hyper-obsessed archer who has been training with sword and bow since he was a young child and the other two have literal superpowers.  She still does fine against other mere mortals like herself, and has plenty of other skills that will make her useful to the Sherwood gang. Part of her character growth (especially on one of Robin's routes) is accepting that it's ok not to be the best at everything.

Marion does get to be the primary physical combatant in Meissa's route, as Meissa is not a fighter and recruits her to help assist townspeople who are caught in the middle of the struggle between Robin and the Sheriff.


I found your tunblr blog a while back and have been waiting for a demo to drop. I loved it!! Really like the art and loved the LIs. 

Looks great! Will download now


This was so worth waiting for. I have absurd heart eyes, just like that one great Vine, mf.

I'm absolutely in love with literally all of the Sherwood LIs and as I said on tumblr, I am going to campaign mercilessly to get Layton Tuck as DLC when you eventually get to KS.

Just gorgeous work all around folks! Congratulations; I can't wait to see what's next.


The good news is that Layton Tuck is fully planned as one of two routes in a standalone DLC (the second route is a secret to everyone).  The DLC itself won't even be a Kickstarter stretch goal, but we'll probably have some kind of stretch goal related to it (free to backers at x amount raised or something).


Well that utterly makes my night!!! I am here for the disreputable ginger druid.


This Demo left me wanting more!! I can't wait for the full game to come out. Excellent dialogue, fantastic art, the menu is easy to navigate, and the level of sass you the MC has at the beginning is just perfection (only my onion that she's sassy) I urge other people to play the demo and would give it a 10/10

(1 edit) (+1)

Okay, so... I was waiting for this demo for sooooo long, and FINALLY! I played it! And it was sooo good, I want more! 

I love the arts, you have awesome artists on the team! Sprites and backgrounds are wonderful. I was looking at MC for quite long, wondering why she can't be one of our LIs... Don't get me wrong, other LIs are amazing too, but... Marion... is just beautiful! And the facial expressions! I was shocked when I saw how many you have them there! I seriously felt like I was right there with them, the coding is amazing!

And the sountrack...! It is music to my ears, even right now, when I'm writing this, the game is launched in the background so I can listen to it longer. <3 

Good job, devs! I am waiting for more! <3

PS. I just want to say that Little John stole my heart... <3 and Tuck is... oh boi.


Thanks so much!  I keep hearing that about Marion, ha ha.  We do have a female LI on the Nottingham side, though she's not meant to be quite the classic beauty that Marion is (I know Anna will draw her to be lovely, anyway)!

Our soundtrack is licensed from Alexander Nakarada, a talented musician who makes his work affordable for indie creators like me.  I'll pass on the kudos!


Thank you!

Pleasant appearance of MC and characters are drawn cute, elegant and warm
It seems that these characters could not have been drawn by a bad person :3




Such a great demo! I've loved Robin Hood since I was a child, not only because of Robin, but because of all the great characters. Marion is so badass, I wanted to be her. In this, she's badass indeed, and even if the guys are all amazing, I can believe how they would all fall for her (and she for them). Can't wait to find out what comes next!


Thanks so much!


I was playing another random visual novel I found on Steam but when i got the email that the demo of this was out- I came straight here. It looks really good and I can't wait to play and meet Will <3


Thank you!  We hope you enjoy it!


I love love love it!!! Everything is so well done and beautiful. I'm going to be suffering in silence til this come out because I won't be able to keep my mind off of it. Here's another vote for Will from me also ;) <3