Made Marion Development Update, September 2022

Hello everyone!  This month we just have a mini-update with some teases for you.

A sketch of some lovely armour from our animated lore intro:

Some rather ornate leather armour.

Who's this? Could it be... a fae? But normally, Marion can't see the fae...

A cute little plant being with leafy hair, strumming a miniature lute.

A hint of the chevalier with the most fabulous hair (and, apparently, the most fabulous collarbones):

Gui la Londe and his gorgeous blonde locks blowing in the wind.

And special for our long-time Tumblr followers, you know who this is:

Eye see you.  (It's an eye. It belongs to a certain cranky lord.)

I'm very close to my first major writing milestone on Robin's route. If my technology stops blowing up (we had *another* incident with my brand-new computer and my rather old monitor failing to get along), things should start going faster with the writing from here!

See you in October!

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Have you done the backer kit yet? I some how missed the kickstarter and was hoping to still get in on it.

Because of our Covid-related development delays, we haven't opened pre-orders/backerkit yet. I'll be sure to send out a special notification to all our followers on Itch when we do!

OK thank you!